Item# 74486110402
Released: 6/4/2013
Category: Rock & Pop
Media: Compact Discs
Record Label: MATADOR (MAT)
Price: $15.99   (2 in stock)
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...Like Clockwork is the first Queens Of The Stone Age album since 2007's Era Vulgaris and, according to its founder constant, Joshua Homme, '...like clockwork was the only thing that didn't happen. ' After a 'manic year, ' Homme and the current version of the Queens -- veteran Troy Van Leeuwen, Michael Shuman and Dean Fertita--along with the outgoing Joey Castillo and returning associate Dave Grohl, decided to embrace The Beast, 'ride shotgun on our emotional bandwagon... hold the horrible, lick the lunacy' and, instead of shying away from uncomfortable or painful subject matter -- face it head-on


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Item# Label Media Released Artist Title Price Availability
68923000442IPE9/23/2003  Queens of the Stone AgeDesert Sessions Volume 9 & 10$16.992-10 Days
60251734656UMV6/12/2007  Queens of the Stone AgeEra Vulgaris$12.991-2 Days
74486110401MAT6/4/2013  QUEENS OF THE STONE AGELIKE CLOCKWORK - VINYL$27.991-2 Days
60249880135UMV3/22/2005  Queens of the Stone AgeLullabies to paralyze$9.991-2 Days
60249887105UMV11/29/2005  Queens of the Stone AgeOver the years and through the woods$19.992-10 Days
80139180012DOM5/17/2011  QUEENS OF THE STONE AGEQUEENS OF THE STONE AGE$12.992-10 Days
60694906832UMV6/6/2000  Queens of the Stone AgeRated R$12.991-2 Days
60694934252UMV8/27/2002  Queens of the Stone AgeSongs For The Deaf$12.992-10 Days
QOSALIQU7/10/2003  Queens of the Stone AgeThe Metro / Chicago 10-05-02$17.992-10 Days
74486111252MAT8/25/2017  QUEENS OF THE STONE AGEVILLAINS (JEWL)$15.991-2 Days
74486111250MAT8/22/2017  QUEENS OF THE STONE AGEVILLAINS (OGV) (DLX) - VINYL$48.991-2 Days
74486111251MAT8/22/2017  QUEENS OF THE STONE AGEVILLAINS - VINYL$27.991-2 Days