Item# 72736139160
Released: 1/27/2017
Category: Metal / Goth
Media: Compact Discs
Price: $17.99   (1 in stock)
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Kreator likes to take their time between albums, and it pays off with some incredibly high quality metal. The new CD Gods of Violence is a fantastic thrash album, layered with varied tempos and a generous portion of melodic heavy metal. Their last release several years ago, Phantom Antichrist, was a scorcher, and while Gods of Violence retains that same basic approach with frequent bursts of high velocity, these songs are maybe a bit more thoughtful and diverse. Phantom was one of my favorite Kreator albums, and this one stands a good chance to earn the same praise. There's no question that it has an epic quality, which was an intentional move. Kreator fans should love it, as it's stuffed with classic Mille riffage, excellent drumming, impeccable songwriting, and a little bit of something for any metal fan.



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Item# Label Media Released Artist Title Price Availability
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405053834769NCT4/21/2018  KREATORBEHIND THE MIRROR - Vinyl - RSD-2018$24.991-2 Days
405053833643NCT3/2/2018  KREATORCOMA OF SOULS$15.992-10 Days
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19029696835WBR6/9/2017  KREATORENDLESS PAIN$12.991-2 Days
19029696836WBR6/9/2017  KREATORENDLESS PAIN (OGV) -VINYL$29.991-2 Days
19029696831WBR6/9/2017  KREATOREXTREME AGGRESSION$14.991-2 Days
19029696832WBR6/9/2017  KREATOREXTREME AGGRESSION (OGV) - VINYL$39.991-2 Days
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72736125882NBA6/5/2012  KREATORPHANTOM ANTICHRIST$15.991-2 Days
19029696829WBR6/9/2017  KREATORPLEASURE TO KILL$12.991-2 Days
19029696830WBR6/9/2017  KREATORPLEASURE TO KILL (OGV) - VINYL$29.992-10 Days
405053833658NCT3/2/2018  KREATORRENEWAL$15.992-10 Days
405053833659NCT3/2/2018  KREATORRENEWAL - VINYL - 2lp colored vinyl)$29.991-2 Days
19029696833WBR6/9/2017  KREATORTERRIBLE CERTAINTY$14.991-2 Days
19029696834WBR6/9/2017  KREATORTERRIBLE CERTAINTY (OGV) - VINYL$29.991-2 Days