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Released: 9/11/2015
Category: Metal / Goth
Media: Compact Discs
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King and Holts riffs are fierce and unforgiving throughout, and their steel-clad partnership carries the entire album. Take Control begins blisteringly fast, and the song is kept precisely on track with each and every tempo shift by their masterful guitar work. You Against You features a pair of wildfire solos that set the album alight. Bostaphs 12-year absence is easily forgotten as he helms the drums with a stunning level of skill. His shining moment arrives early in the album on Cast the First Stone, which finds him seamlessly shifting between a dominant barrage of double bass and hi-hats to marching along with every step of King and Holts riffs. Arayas vocals, while having gained some gruff with age, still underline the unbridled misanthropic rage that has fueled the band all these years.



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Item# Label Media Released Artist Title Price Availability
60253733045UMV4/9/2013  SLAYERCHRIST ILLUSION$12.992-10 Days
60253746684UMV12/10/2013  SLAYERCHRIST ILLUSION - VINYL$24.992-10 Days
11105020105USED1/18/2019  SlayerDiabolus in Musica$6.951-2 Days
73145868012UMV3/12/2002  SLAYERDIABOLUS IN MUSICA$12.991-2 Days
60253746685UMV12/17/2013  SLAYERDIABOLUS IN MUSICA - VINYL$24.991-2 Days
73145868002UMV3/12/2002  SLAYERDIVINE INTERVENTION$12.991-2 Days
73145863312UMV9/11/2001  SLAYERGOD HATES US ALL$14.991-2 Days
60253746772UMV12/17/2013  SLAYERGOD HATES US ALL - VINYL$24.992-10 Days
03984140311MET10/28/2008  SlayerHell Awaits$25.991-2 Days
03984140312MET1/1/1980  SlayerHell Awaits$12.992-10 Days
88697747169SNY8/17/2010  SLAYERLIVE INTRUSION$14.992-10 Days
03984140331MET10/28/2008  SlayerLive Undead$27.992-10 Days
03984140332MET1/1/1980  SlayerLive Undead$12.991-2 Days
73145867992UMV3/12/2002  SLAYERLIVE: A DECADE OF AGGRESSION$12.991-2 Days
73145867962UMV3/12/2002  SLAYERREIGN IN BLOOD$14.992-10 Days
60253746790UMV12/10/2013  SLAYERREIGN IN BLOOD - VINYL$24.991-2 Days
72736133590NBA9/11/2015  SLAYERREPENTLESS (W/DVD) (2PK) (DIG) CD / DVD$17.992-10 Days
72736135530NBA9/11/2015  SLAYERREPENTLESS (WBR) (DIG) - CD / BLURAY$22.992-10 Days
72736133591NBA9/11/2015  SLAYERREPENTLESS - VINYL$24.992-10 Days
73145867982UMV3/12/2002  SLAYERSEASONS IN THE ABYSS$14.992-10 Days
60253746791UMV12/10/2013  SLAYERSEASONS IN THE ABYSS - VINYL$24.991-2 Days
03984140322MET1/1/1980  SlayerShow No Mercy$12.992-10 Days
73145867972UMV3/12/2002  SLAYERSOUTH OF HEAVEN$12.992-10 Days
60253746792UMV12/10/2013  SLAYERSOUTH OF HEAVEN - VINYL$24.992-10 Days
73145869382UMV6/18/2002  SLAYERUNDISPUTED ATTITUDE$12.992-10 Days
60253749406UMV12/10/2013  SLAYERUNDISPUTED ATTITUDE - VINYL$24.991-2 Days
60253733044UMV4/9/2013  SLAYERWORLD PAINTED BLOOD$14.991-2 Days
60253746794UMV12/17/2013  SLAYERWORLD PAINTED BLOOD - VINYL$24.992-10 Days