Item# 72084111433
Released: 4/13/2019
Category: RSD 2018
Media: Vinyl LP's
Record Label: 4 AD RECORDS (4AD)
Price: $28.99   (0 in stock)
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THIS TITLE CANNOT BE PRE-ORDERED - AVAILABLE IN STORE ONLY 04-13-19 RSD TITLE - After a three week tour of Nigerias major cities in 1979, where Roy Ayers performed as the opening act for Felas band, the two artists decided to do a joint album as a round-up to the tour. The result, an album titled: MUSIC OF MANYCOLOURS. On the A side Felas Africa Centre of the World, and on the B Side Roy Ayers: 2000 Blacks Got To Be Free. Knitting Factory Records is proud to reissue this classic, originally released in 10980, out of print since the 1989, on a limited edition rainbow starburst vinyl, exclusive to Record Store Day.

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Item# Label Media Released Artist Title Price Availability
72084111132KNIT4/12/2011  KUTI FELAAFRICA FOR AFRICA$14.991-2 Days
72084120681KNT10/14/2016  KUTI FELAAFRODISIAC (OGV) - VINYL$19.992-10 Days
87523200712WRA9/9/2008  Kuti FelaAlagabon Close/Why Blackman Dey Suffer$16.992-10 Days
72084120711KNIT10/23/2015  KUTI FELAALAGBON CLOSE (DLCD) - VINYL$19.992-10 Days
5060001272405WRA3/10/2009  Kuti FelaAnthology Vol 1 (2 cd/ 1 dvd set)$22.992-10 Days
87523200502WRA8/9/2005  Kuti FelaArmy Arrangement$14.992-10 Days
72084180202QUNN1/18/2011  KUTI FELAARMY ARRANGEMENT (ECO)$14.992-10 Days
87523200442WRA1/24/2006  Kuti FelaBeasts of no nation$16.992-10 Days
72084120561KNIT10/16/2015  KUTI FELABEASTS OF NO NATION (DLCD) - VINYL$19.992-10 Days
72084180212QUNN1/18/2011  KUTI FELABEASTS OF NOTATION & ODOO (ECO)$14.992-10 Days
5060001272382WRA3/10/2009  Kuti FelaBest of - Music is the Weapon (2 cd / 1 dvd set)$22.992-10 Days
87523200212WRA8/9/2005  Kuti FelaBest of the Black President$22.992-10 Days
02028615026KNIT10/27/2009  Kuti FelaBest of the Black President$19.992-10 Days
02028615027KNIT10/27/2009  Kuti FelaBest of the Black President (W/DVD) (DLX)$23.992-10 Days
72084110295KNIT2/5/2013  KUTI FELABEST OF THE BLACK PRESIDENT 2$24.992-10 Days
72084110292KNIT2/5/2013  KUTI FELABEST OF THE BLACK PRESIDENT 2 (2PK)$19.992-10 Days
72084120701KNT8/19/2014  KUTI FELACONFUSION (DLCD) - VINYL$19.992-10 Days
72084120731KNIT10/16/2015  KUTI FELAEVERYTHING SCATTER (DLCD) - VINYL$19.992-10 Days
72084120751KNT7/15/2014  KUTI FELAEXPENSIVE SHIT (DLCD) - VINYL$19.992-10 Days
72084120411KNIT10/16/2015  KUTI FELAFEAR NOT FOR MAN (DLCD) - VINYL$19.992-10 Days
72084120631KNT7/15/2014  KUTI FELAFELA LIVE WITH GINGER BAKER (DLCD) -VINYL$19.992-10 Days
72081411332KNT7/29/2014  KUTI FELAFINDING FELA: OST$19.991-2 Days
72084120691KNT10/14/2016  KUTI FELAGENTLEMAN (OGV) - VINYL$19.992-10 Days
72084120761KNT7/15/2014  KUTI FELAHE MISS ROAD (DLCD) -VINYL$19.992-10 Days
72084120511KNT10/14/2016  KUTI FELAI.T.T. (OGV) - VINYL$19.992-10 Days
87523200392WRA8/9/2005  Kuti FelaJJD Unecessary$16.992-10 Days
72084180192QUNN1/18/2011  KUTI FELALIVE IN AMSTERDAM (ECO)$14.992-10 Days
87523200492WRA8/9/2005  Kuti FelaLive in Amsterdam 1983$15.992-10 Days
72084180012QUNN2/16/2010  KUTI FELALIVE WITH GINGER BAKER$14.992-10 Days
72084180022QUNN3/2/2010  KUTI FELALONDON SCENE & SHAKARA$14.992-10 Days
72084120641KNT10/14/2016  KUTI FELALONDON SCENE (OGV) - VINYL$19.992-10 Days
72084120811KNIT10/16/2015  KUTI FELANA POI (DLCD) - VINYL$19.992-10 Days
72084120062QUNN2/16/2010  KUTI FELAOPEN & CLOSE & APHRODISIAC$14.992-10 Days
87523200362WRA8/9/2005  Kuti FelaOpen and close + Afrodisiac$14.992-10 Days
72084180132QUNN9/14/2010  KUTI FELAOPPOSITE PEOPLE & SORROW TEARS & BLOOD$14.992-10 Days
72084180182QUNN1/18/2011  KUTI FELAORIGINAL SUFFER HEAD & ITT (ECO)$14.992-10 Days
72084120661KNIT10/16/2015  KUTI FELAROFOROFO FIGHT (DLCD) -VINYL$19.992-10 Days
87523200482WRA1/24/2006  Kuti FelaRoforofo Fight + Fela Singles$16.992-10 Days
72084120671KNT10/14/2016  KUTI FELASHAKARA (OGV) - VINYL$19.992-10 Days
87523200272WRA8/9/2005  Kuti FelaShakara + London scene$16.992-10 Days
72084120431KNT8/19/2014  KUTI FELASORROW TEARS & BLOOD (DLCD) - VINYL$19.992-10 Days
72084180013QUNN9/14/2010  KUTI FELASTALEMATE & FEAR NOT FOR MAN$14.992-10 Days
73145492482FONT7/31/2001  Kuti FelaTeacher don't teach me nonsense$14.992-10 Days
72084180172QUNN1/18/2011  KUTI FELATEACHER DON'T TEACH ME NONSENSE (ECO)$14.992-10 Days
72084120551KNT8/19/2014  KUTI FELATEACHER DON'T TEACH ME NONSENSE - VINYL$19.992-10 Days
72084120591KNT10/14/2016  KUTI FELAUPSIDE DOWN (OGV) - VINYL$19.992-10 Days
72084180152QUNN9/14/2010  KUTI FELAVIP & AUTHORITY STEALING$14.992-10 Days
87523200302WRA1/24/2006  Kuti FelaVIP + Authority$16.992-10 Days
87523200402WRA8/22/2006  Kuti FelaZombie$16.992-10 Days
72084120611KNT10/14/2016  KUTI FELAZOMBIE (OGV) - VINYL$19.991-2 Days