Item# 65906167274
Released: 3/10/2017
Category: Rock & Pop
Media: Compact Discs
Record Label: RED INK RECORD (RDI)
Price: $12.99   (6 in stock)
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For this new album, singer/guitarist Alaina Moore and keyboardist/bassist Patrick Riley returned to their roots as a means of jumpstarting new inspiration. Tennis famously wrote/recorded their first album after an adventurous sailboat journey along the east coast. Five years later, the married couple took another 10-day ocean voyage from San Diego down to the Sea of Cortez, where they docked and set up a makeshift recording space. Musically, Yours Conditionally is much softer, slowing its pulse to something closer to the swoon and sway early 70s soul, with shuffling tempos and sentimental organ purrs orbited by an electric guitars fiery simmer. The tone is certainly slow dances at twilight, but given a shimmer by the understated elegance of Moores voice, something that has always sound fragile but defiant at the same time. My Emotions Are Blinding tips at the ambivalences of intimacy, mindset and motivations that the duo is working through on this new album. Its metaphorical for the categorical / I get hysterical / its empirical Ladies Dont Play Guitar may sound initially sound like a jab at rocks patriarchy, it blossoms into quite a deep dive into Moores emotions, struggling to situate her full self within the context of a musicians career, while also being someone who can still effectively give the gift of love as a wife and lover.


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