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Released: 3/22/2019
Category: Reggae
Media: Compact Discs
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As the group was beginning to work on the songs for their next full-length studio album, they took some time to look back and celebrate their decade as a groundbreaking band. Black & White gave The Green the chance to revisit some of the most popular songs in their extensive catalog and see them with new eyes, recording new, soulful acoustic arrangements that echo the intimacy you'd find hanging with the band in the green room before a show. This love letter of an album to their fans gave them a chance to look back, before turning to working on their upcoming studio album, which is sure to push the boundaries of reggae and pop as this band has always done.As for why they called the album Black & White, it comes from the simplicity of their approach. Guitarist/singer JP Kennedy says, 'We really liked the idea of taking a previously recorded song and stripping it down to a few key elements. Less is more.' Black and White was self-produced by The Green (with a little help from Leslie Ludiazo, the bands original drummer, and Lapana Ieriko, one of Hawaii's best producers). The album was mixed and mastered by Danny Kalb, who also co-produced and mixed their third album, Hawai'i '13 (2013).



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65748110711ESY4/5/2019  GREENBLACK & WHITE - VINYL$21.991-2 Days
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65748110391ESY10/29/2013  GREENHAWAI'I 13 - VINYL$19.991-2 Days
65748110672ESY10/20/2017  GREENMARCHING ORDERS$13.991-2 Days
65748110671ESY11/17/2017  GREENMARCHING ORDERS - VINYL$21.991-2 Days
11105058635USED3/22/2019  GREENWAYS & MEANS (DIG)$6.951-2 Days
65748110262ESY10/24/2011  GREENWAYS & MEANS (DIG)$13.991-2 Days