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Released: 2/17/2017
Category: Rock & Pop
Media: Compact Discs
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Notes of Blue's first two songs initially make it seem as though the album is going to be a mid-'90s throwback. Son Volt's lineup has been a revolving door over the years, acting more as a dictator-ruled outlet for Farrar's shifting creative whims. On the lilting opener, Promise the World, the band convincingly mimics the original lineup's sound. Jason Kardong's pristine pedal steel and Gary Hunt's husky fiddle sound like they're being performed by Dave Boquist, who last played with Son Volt in 1999. Adding to the nostalgia is the fact that the song itselfgentle, soulful, and confidentcould have easily been lifted from Trace's formidable tracklist, both in terms of both style and substance. The loping strummer Back Against the Wall likewise could be a lost single from the same era, with the added cherry on top of Farrar's own jagged, Neil Young-influenced lead guitar, a source of grit and unpredictability that's been sorely missed in nearly all of his post-Uncle Tupelo work.


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