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Released: 1/25/2019
Category: Rock & Pop
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Michael Franti is nothing if not socially conscious. As the founder and leader of reggae fusion group Spearhead, his music has long embraced revolutionary ideals of peace, love, and understanding. His 2001 concept album Stay Human, with a central anti-death penalty message, celebrated how 'all the freaky people make the beauty of the world', an evergreen sentiment. Eighteen years and seven albums later, Franti and Spearhead have weathered the same traumatic cultural storms as the rest of us, and Stay Human Vol. II proves that the group still has every awareness of the world today - and has no intention of giving up just yet.While Franti's music has never been frivolous, the events and issues he draws on in Stay Human Vol. II feel particularly weighty. Bittersweet ballad 'The Flower', a vocal duet with Victoria Canal, advocates the end of gun violence, making particular allusions to the Pulse mass shooting in Orlando. The group and guest vocalist Hirie revisit 2010 Spearhead love song 'Only Thing Missing Was You' with a broader lyrical perspective, finding refuge from global crises in individual love.


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Item# Label Media Released Artist Title Price Availability
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60253737031UMV7/30/2013  FRANTI MICHAEL & SPEARHEADALL PEOPLE$12.991-2 Days
60253741539UMV7/30/2013  FRANTI MICHAEL & SPEARHEADALL PEOPLE (DLX)$15.991-2 Days
04577869062UMV9/9/2008  Franti Michael & SpearheadAll Rebel Rockers$14.992-10 Days
45778690626EPI9/9/2008  FRANTI MICHAEL & SPEARHEADALL REBEL ROCKERS$12.992-10 Days
88807200048COJ5/20/2016  FRANTI MICHAEL & SPEARHEADALL REBEL ROCKERS$11.991-2 Days
04577869892UMV9/9/2008  Franti Michael & SpearheadAll Rebel Rockers (W/DVD) (DLX)$19.992-10 Days
04577869902EPI3/10/2009  Franti Michael & SpearheadAll Rebel Rockers LIMITED EDITION$97.991-2 Days
72438319592CAPU3/25/1997  Franti Michael & SpearheadChocolate Supa Highway$13.992-10 Days
72438291132CAPU9/20/1994  Franti Michael & SpearheadHome$13.992-10 Days
04577868129spgr7/25/2006  Franti Michael & SpearheadI know i'm not alone$18.992-10 Days
02289113819SPGR12/6/2005  Franti Michael & SpearheadLive in Sydney$15.992-10 Days
42537494572SPGR3/11/2008  Franti Michael & SpearheadLive: Alaska - 2 cd set$17.992-10 Days
88807237795COJ6/10/2016  FRANTI MICHAEL & SPEARHEADSOULROCKER$15.991-2 Days
509996463522CAPU9/21/2010  FRANTI MICHAEL & SPEARHEADSOUND OF SUNSHINE$14.991-2 Days
65703610482SPGR5/15/2001  Franti Michael & SpearheadStay Human$16.992-10 Days
64421626591FANT1/25/2019  FRANTI MICHAEL & SPEARHEADSTAY HUMAN VOL. II - VINYL$24.991-2 Days
04577868072SPGR7/25/2006  Franti Michael & SpearheadYell Fire$16.992-10 Days
88807200049COJ5/20/2016  FRANTI MICHAEL & SPEARHEADYELL FIRE$12.991-2 Days
85623413372SPGR3/11/2008  Franti Michael & SpearheadYell Fire ! LIVE$14.992-10 Days