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Released: 7/13/2018
Category: Rock & Pop
Media: Compact Discs
Record Label: NEW WEST (NWW)
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The 400 Unit is a tight, talented group of musicians playing in a lean, understated style. All hail from the Muscle Shoals area of Northwest Alabama - a place with deep roots in the musical history of our culture. They are the perfect platform for Isbell's raspy, plaintive voice and his multidimensional guitar styles. His playing ranges from the gentle picking of a man entertaining his family on a front-porch swing to the all out, balls-to-the-wall energy of Neil Young's 'Rust Never Sleeps' era. His encore cover of 'Like a Hurricane' on the 'Live From Alabama' album requires no apologies to Mr. Young. If David Letterman's, and especially Paul Shaffer's, effusive support of the group is indicative of the their potential, Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit are destined to greater things. There isn't a song among them that i don't like. In my opinion, a Star is rising in the South. It has the potential to shine brightly enough to help drive by truckers find their way back to the highways.


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Item# Label Media Released Artist Title Price Availability
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75283053790THIR6/16/2017  ISBELL JASONNASHVILLE SOUND$13.992-10 Days
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60739652631OOP8/17/2018  ISBELL JASONSIRENS OF THE DITCH (Clear Indie Exclusive) VINYL$21.991-2 Days
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79450479974THIR6/11/2013  ISBELL JASONSOUTHEASTERN (OGV) - VINYL$19.992-10 Days