Item# 60349786034
Released: 7/17/2018
Category: Rock & Pop
Media: Vinyl LP's
Record Label: RHINO (RHI)
Price: $19.99   (3 in stock)
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Back to the 80's Rhino Re-issues

Multiple albums will be reissued for Vinyl Toudsays, Rhino Sunglasses should be passed out to customers who buy these albums.
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Item# Label Media Released Artist Title Price Availability
11104659885USED9/15/2017  Los LobosAnd A Time To Dance$5.001-2 Days
11104850215USED6/8/2018  Los LobosBand From East L.a.: Collection$9.951-2 Days
11104659895USED9/15/2017  Los LobosBy the Light of the Moon$5.001-2 Days
11104659945USED9/15/2017  Los LobosBy the Light of the Moon$5.001-2 Days
11103748775USED3/15/2014  Los LobosBy the Light of the Moon$5.951-2 Days
11104128605USED7/17/2015  Los LobosColossal Head$5.951-2 Days
11104518065USED2/22/2017  Los LobosColossal Head$5.951-2 Days
72061622422UMV9/12/2000  Los LobosDel Este De Los Angeles (Just another band from ea$14.992-10 Days
79504160512UMV9/25/2015  LOS LOBOSGATES OF GOLD$15.991-2 Days
UMV9/22/2015  LOS LOBOSGATES OF GOLD - VINYL$11.991-2 Days
72061655182UMV6/4/2002  Los LobosGood Morning Aztlan$14.992-10 Days
09362453672WBR8/31/1993  Los LobosJust Another Band From East L$23.992-10 Days
82666312700SFU8/21/2012  LOS LOBOSKIKO LIVE$15.992-10 Days
82666312701SFUBlu Ray DVD8/21/2012  LOS LOBOSKIKO LIVE (2PC) (W/DVD) - BluRay$22.992-10 Days
82666313387SFU8/21/2012  LOS LOBOSKIKO: 20TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION (BONUS TRACKS)$13.992-10 Days
11103660895USED11/8/2013  Los LobosLa Pistola Y El Corazon$5.951-2 Days
72061624899UMV11/9/2004  Los LobosLive at the Fillmore$14.992-10 Days
72061625142UMV3/15/2005  Los LobosLive at the Fillmore$14.992-10 Days
05008711952UMV10/27/2009  Los LobosLos Lobos Goes Disney$16.992-10 Days
08122766702RHI11/7/2000  Los LobosMas Y Mas: Los Lobos Box$57.992-10 Days
07599261312WOW1/1/1980  Los LobosNeighborhood$11.992-10 Days
72061624432UMV5/4/2004  Los LobosRide$14.992-10 Days
72061624562UMV8/3/2004  Los LobosRide this - the covers EP$9.992-10 Days
72061621852PGM7/20/1999  Los LobosThis time$14.992-10 Days
82666312110SFU8/3/2010  LOS LOBOSTIN CAN TRUST$15.991-2 Days
72061626612UMV9/12/2006  Los LobosTown & the City$14.992-10 Days
08122732942RHI2/14/2006  Los LobosWolf Tracks - Very Best Of$13.992-10 Days