Item# 60349785347
Released: 4/13/2019
Category: RSD 2018
Media: Vinyl LP's
Record Label: RHINO (RHI)
Price: $34.99   (0 in stock)
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THIS TITLE CANNOT BE PRE-ORDERED- AVAILABLE IN STORE ONLY 04-13-19 RSD TITLE Heavyweight Double LP reissue of Lou Reed's 18th and final (non-collaborative) solo rock album 'Ecstasy', released in 2000.

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Item# Label Media Released Artist Title Price Availability
07863674892OOP3/24/1998  REED LOUBERLIN$11.991-2 Days
11105005735USED12/28/2018  Reed LouBerlin$5.951-2 Days
11104920925USED8/20/2018  Reed LouBerlin$6.951-2 Days
88697001041LRSM9/23/2008  Reed LouBerlin$16.992-10 Days
88697709972SSP3/24/1998  Reed LouBerlin$8.992-10 Days
11105005755USED12/28/2018  REED LOUBLUE MASK$5.951-2 Days
88985349081SNY11/17/2017  REED LOUBLUE MASK (OFV) (RMST) - VINYL$19.992-10 Days
88985349061SNY11/17/2017  REED LOUCONEY ISLAND BABY (OFV) (RMST) - VINYL$19.991-2 Days
11104753105USED2/16/2018  Reed LouEcstasy$6.951-2 Days
88697922122SNY9/13/2011  REED LOUESSENTIAL LOU REED (BRIL)$15.992-10 Days
75517469842SSP9/30/2003  Reed LouExtended Versions$8.992-10 Days
11104588705USED6/5/2017  Reed LouMagic And Loss$5.951-2 Days
74465997522BUD10/10/2000  Reed LouMetal Machine Music$10.991-2 Days
11104863975USED6/28/2018  Reed LouNew York$6.951-2 Days
11105049865USED3/15/2019  Reed LouNew York$6.951-2 Days
07599258292WOW1/1/1980  Reed LouNew York Cd G$12.992-10 Days
88985355011SNY11/18/2016  REED LOURCA & ARISTA VINYL COLLECTION VOL 1 (HOL)$149.991-2 Days
88691958021SNY5/22/2012  REED LOUROCK & ROLL ANIMAL - VINYL$19.991-2 Days
07863679482RCA3/21/2000  Reed LouRock and Roll Animal$10.991-2 Days
88985349041SNY11/17/2017  REED LOUROCK N ROLL ANIMAL (OFV) (RMST) - VINYL$19.991-2 Days
88697245082SSP3/1/2008  Reed LouSally Can't Dance (Bonus Tracks) (RMST)$8.991-2 Days
11104613045USED7/16/2017  Reed LouSet the Twilight Reeling$6.951-2 Days
88985349071SNY11/17/2017  REED LOUSTREET HASSLE (OFV) (RMST) - VINYL$19.992-10 Days
07863651322RCA10/22/2002  Reed LouTransformer$10.992-10 Days
88985334222SSP10/22/2002  REED LOUTRANSFORMER$11.992-10 Days
80121309929EAGBlu Ray DVD3/25/2014  REED LOUTRANSFORMER & LIVE AT MONTREUX 2000 - BLURAY$19.992-10 Days
88985349031SNY11/17/2017  REED LOUTRANSFORMER (OFV) (RMST) -VINYL$19.991-2 Days
63242754132MRA8/2/1999  Reed LouVery best of$13.992-10 Days
11104984975USED11/16/2018  Reed LouVery Best of (Eng)$6.951-2 Days
88697710022SSP1/1/1980  Reed LouWalk On The Wild Sid$8.991-2 Days