Item# 60255759302
Released: 8/18/2017
Category: Rock & Pop
Media: Compact Discs
Record Label: CAPITOL-UNI (CAPU)
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The album starts with the title track To The Bone and is a bright and punchy pop-sounding song, which is often key-based, but with a steady use of jaunty and frequently heavier guitar riffs as well. The theme is the modern nature of truth, whether it is all relative to ones own perspective, or if actual objective truth is a real thing. The song, like most of the songs on the album, is strong on vocal melody, and in this instance uses female background singers to strengthen the melodies on the chorus. As shouldnt be surprising for fans of Wilson, the pop aspect is only one part of the music. There are also longer instrumental sections, guitar solos, and vocal harmonies that would not have been out of place on the Porcupine Tree classic Stupid Dream, and that is very much the case for most of the album.Moving ahead, we come to Pariah, which is one of the albums singles and videos. It is co-sung by Ninet Tayeb who made a critical contribution to the heartbreaking song Routine off Stevens last album Hand. Cannot. Erase. While certainly not rivaling her performance then, her vocals are essential to making the song work. The tone and feel of the song should be familiar to any Wilson fan as, while pop in nature, it has his signature style to it as well. The song unsurprisingly deals with postbreakup musings. Lost love and loneliness is a very common theme of his, so it comes this is to be expected.


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