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Released: 3/31/2017
Category: Rap
Media: Compact Discs
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Drake steps back and lets the dusky-voiced 19-year-old British singer Jorja Smith soar over a sinuous club track from the rising South African house producer Black Coffee on the gorgeous Get It Together. Black Coffee and Jorja comprise at least 80 percent of the song; Drake is mostly relegated to mumbling or doubling the hook. Sampha bleeds his gorgeous hurt over the entirety of 4422, with no one else in sight, and Skepta claims an entire track, boasting that he died and came back as Fela Kuti. Young Thug steals not one but two songs, spitting a dense verse with no vocal filter on Sacrifices and yelping along with the roots-reggae horns of Ice Melts. Throughout, Drakes appetite for the music of other cultures remains ravenous. I switch flow like I switch time zone, he raps on Gyalchester, the song title itself a patois nickname for the neighborhood of Manchester. On Sacrifices, he boasts I got Dubai plates in the California state. In both reach and sound, Drake may now be one of the most global pop stars in history. He is shrewd and relentless about his globe-trotting on More Life: Dis a habibis ting, yeah? he asks on the intro to a track called Portland,



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