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Released: 7/21/2017
Category: Rock & Pop
Media: Compact Discs
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2 Mics & the Truth is a live album compiled from the tapes they made during the numerous acoustic radio sessions. These performances are easily the most straightforward and elemental recordings this band has ever released, with the energy and passion of the band in flight making up for the occasional flubbed notes and dropped beats along the way. The set list on 2 Mics spans the group's career, with the best-loved songs from the group's 1983 debut sitting alongside 'I Could Be Anything' and 'Traveling Solves Everything' from We Can Do Anything, and while the audience generally seems more excited to hear the 'hits,' the truth is the album is enjoyably consistent, with the newer material boasting much of the same vigor and nerdy smarts as the classics. Considering that he's been making like a emotionally over-amped adolescent since the early '80s, it's impressive how convincing Gordon Gano still sounds on this material, and his guitar work is ragged but right, and bassist Brian Ritchie's acoustic bass and random bellowing provides an ideal yang to Gano's yin.


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