Marianne Faithfull
Rich Kids Blues - Vinyl RSD  
Item# 501479789565
Released: 4/22/2017
Category: Rock & Pop
Media: Vinyl LP's
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RSD TITLES CANNOT BE PRE-ORDERED - AVAILABLE IN STORE 04-22-17. Produced by Mike Leander, who had produced and arranged much of Faithfulls Decca material, Rich Kid Blues is an intriguing album of spare, largely acoustic readings of folk / rock songs, including several Bob Dylan covers, as well as songs by Phil Ochs, George Harrison, Cat Stevens, Tim Hardin, James Taylor and Sandy Denny. Marianne Faithfull had this to say about the 1971 recordings: The record itself is very strange and ghostly. Its the voice of somebody incredibly high, probably on the edge of death. They always sound like that. Johnny Thunders sounds like that. Anybody who heard that record would have said, Well thats that. Well never hear from her again.


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