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Released: 10/19/2018
Category: Rock & Pop
Media: Compact Discs
Record Label: SONY MUSIC (SNY)
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King spent the years since her initial success dealing with the fallout of a short, secret, troubled marriage, a subsequent divorce, substance abuse and rehab. You can hear her map out her story, lyrically, as her impressive second album, Shake the Spirit, progresses. At the start of the LP, shes the venomous man-eater of songs like Shame (Troubles what you need/Thats what you getting with me), Baby Outlaw (Pity the man that stands in my way/Im a nightmare even in the day) and Mans Man.The back end of the record, however, is more regretful, fitting a down-to-earth Americana sound created by King and her five-piece rock band, the Brethren. Slow-winding, country-fried soul throwback ballads like Good Thing Gone turn the spotlight back on herself: We couldve tried a bit harder/I couldve practiced more patience/Look at this good love weve wasted, she croons. Sober plays like country bummer queen Mary Gauthier, and Runaway isnt too far from the Del Shannon song of the same name but gender-flipped to reveal that the woman doing the running away has been hurt by love too many times.Its hard to pinpoint the exact amount of pride versus remorse in It Girl, a cheeky indie-confessional/girl-group novelty song about giving middle-school hand jobs, but its What if Liz Phair sang for the Crystals? vibe is hilarious, irresistible and occasionally poignant: You could be the It girl/If you use a little spit, girl.


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