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Released: 7/20/2018
Category: Soul - Funk - R & B
Media: Compact Discs
Record Label: SONY MUSIC (SNY)
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ast year, with the Internet on pause, Syd released Fin, a hard-strutting album of slick post-trap R&B, and its strongest singles were collaborations with her Internet bandmates. And now that shes back in the Internet, Syd seems to be consciously relegating herself to role-player status, even after hundreds of millions saw her grinning sheepishly in Drakes Nice For What video. It was the right move. If Syd sounded like a star on Fin, she sounds even more like one now. The Internet have always sounded confident. You have to be confident to give yourself a band name like that, especially if youre making dazed aquarian R&B in an instant-gratification streaming age. They have reason to be confident. Ego Death was a career breakthrough a dizzy and fully realized piece of work that succeeded in capturing the audience it deserved. (As happens more often than wed like to admit, critics like me were the ones who were late on Ego Death; the kids in the cult got it right away.) And last year, growing their empire in ways that recall plenty of rap crews of years past (Odd Future included), the different members of the band ventured out on their own, releasing solo albums or side projects. Guitarist Steve Lacy, still a teenager, produced tracks for Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole on his iPhone. And maybe its just my imagination, but I hear all the swagger that must come from vast success bleeding through on Hive Mind.



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