Item# 19029696705
Released: 6/23/2017
Category: Rock & Pop
Media: Compact Discs
Record Label: WARNER BROS (WBR)
Price: $14.99   (1 in stock)
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'We wanted a title that pointed to our collective nature. Something that referred to the eclectic style of our music and the bond between the band members and our fans-and this title really captures that,' singer Nick Hexum said of Mosaic in a statement. 'The key word for this set of tunes is innovation. We went in some new directions, which will surprise people. Music is a never-ending journey.' The 17-song Mosaic is available to preorder now at 311's Pledge Music page. The album is the band's first new album since 2013's Stereolithic. 311 also recruited an odd mlange of famous fans from No Doubt's Adrian Young and Tony Kanal and Modern Family's Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson to comedian Eric Andre and retired baseball player Omar Vizquel to wish fans a happy 311 Day in the clip below.


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Item# Label Media Released Artist Title Price Availability
11104380825USED7/23/2016  311311$5.951-2 Days
11104416325USED9/10/2016  311311$5.951-2 Days
82876695222ZOM8/16/2005  311Don't tread on me$10.992-10 Days
88985304112SNY5/6/2016  311ESSENTIAL COLLECTION$15.991-2 Days
88697727422SSP7/22/2003  311Evolver$8.991-2 Days
61422321842VLC6/19/2001  311From Chaos$10.991-2 Days
88985309701SNY2/10/2017  311FROM CHAOS - VINYL$19.991-2 Days
88985441151SNY8/15/2017  311GREATEST HITS - VINYL$24.991-2 Days
61455382632CPR11/3/1998  311Live$13.992-10 Days
19029696706WBR6/22/2017  311MOSAIC (DLCD) - VINYL$25.991-2 Days
11104366695USED7/3/2016  311Music$5.951-2 Days
11104366995USED7/2/2016  311Soundsystem$5.951-2 Days
61422366452CPR10/12/1999  311Soundsystem$10.992-10 Days
88715866014ING3/11/2014  311STEREOLITHIC - VINYL$24.991-2 Days
11104645775USED9/2/2017  311Transistor$6.951-2 Days
88088217522ATOR7/19/2011  311UNIVERSAL PULSE$12.992-10 Days
88697507772VLC6/2/2009  311Uplifter (W/DVD) (DLX)$21.992-10 Days