Item# 19029695584
Released: 6/15/2018
Category: Rock & Pop
Media: Compact Discs
Record Label: WARNER BROS (WBR)
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His third solo album is a melancholic tinged and thrilling affair that deals with the ghosts of the past but still attempts to move forward. There are plenty off Smiths-esque moments as Marr wrestles with the legacy of his past and puts his own stamp on a history that is as much his as anyone elses. Songs that nod to the melodic push and pull of classic Smiths punctuate the album, any lover of those soaring choruses and the the chiming guitars of that much loved of bands will have plenty of moments to embrace here but there are also glorious curveballs and moments when a melancholic post punk darkness creeps in and an innate sadness twists and turns with the sparse imaginative productions to create songs that nod at fellow travellers like Joy Division or any of the great M62 bands that were so much part and parcel of the post punk motorway of the north. There is a darkness hovering over the tracks, a sadness a sense of longing, that melancholy that is so key to the great northern musics.Not that the album wallows in the mythical past there is a freshness and urgency of sound to the record with great crisp vocals and, of course, an endless collections of great guitar lines and brisk energetic playing from the band that makes the record feel contemporary. Of course the Smiths key musical architect is always going to have a whiff of that most classic of bands about his songwriting but there is so much noise here than that.


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