Item# 19029551199
Released: 4/13/2019
Category: RSD 2018
Media: Vinyl LP's
Record Label: RHINO (RHI)
Price: $31.99   (0 in stock)
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THIS TITLE CANNOT BE PRE-ORDERED - AVAILABLE IN STORE ONLY 04-13-19 RSD TITLE - Double LP (pink and blue vinyl 3 sided LP, the 4th side is etched) live recording from The Oakland Coliseum April, 1984 on the hugely successful US Tour. The gatefold sleeve features photography by Denis O'Regan. Tracklisting: Is There Something I Should Know?, Hungry Like The Wolf, Union Of The Snake, New Religion, Save A Prayer, Rio, The Seventh Stranger, The Chauffeur (Sing Blue Silver), Planet Earth, Careless Memories, Girls On Film. Duran at their Fab Five peak! The footage of the performance was originally a TV special on U.S. television under the same title.

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509999656332CAP10/6/2009  Duran DuranRio (2 CD W/Book) $26.992-10 Days
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72435848112WBR8/5/2003  DURAN DURANSEVEN & THE RAGGED TIGER (RMST)$8.991-2 Days
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11104800685USED5/2/2018  Duran DuranWedding Album$5.951-2 Days