Cannonball Adderley
Adderley Cannonball  
Item# 11103954305
Released: 12/11/2014
Category: Used Discs
Media: Used CDs
Record Label: USED (USED)
Price: $6.95   (1 in stock)
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Item# Label Media Released Artist Title Price Availability
11104017195USED3/21/2015  Adderley CannonballAdderley Cannonball$5.001-2 Days
11104209575USED11/3/2015  Adderley CannonballAdderley Cannonball$5.001-2 Days
07777954822BLN1/1/1980  Adderley CannonballBest Of$15.991-2 Days
71518773992CUR1/1/1980  Adderley CannonballBest Of$8.992-10 Days
72435423092BLN5/20/2003  Adderley CannonballFiddler On the Roof$12.992-10 Days
88807235975COJ11/10/2014  ADDERLEY CANNONBALLIN NEW YORK - VINYL$19.992-10 Days
02521873186RIVE1/13/2004  Adderley CannonballIn San Francisco - HYBRID$19.992-10 Days
88807230131FAN3/27/2007  Adderley CannonballQuintet In San Francisco$11.992-10 Days
88807230072FAN11/7/2006  Adderley CannonballRiverside Profiles$11.992-10 Days
88807230503FAN3/4/2008  Adderley CannonballSextet in New York$11.992-10 Days
72434953291BLN11/11/2008  Adderley CannonballSomethin Else$18.992-10 Days
88939755794DOL2/3/2015  ADDERLEY CANNONBALLSOMETHIN ELSE (LTD) (OGV) 180 G Vinyl$19.991-2 Days
60253773070UMV4/22/2014  ADDERLEY CANNONBALLSOMETHIN ELSE - VINYL$19.991-2 Days
11104525315USED3/6/2017  Adderley CannonballSomethin' Else$5.951-2 Days
72434953292CAPU3/9/1999  Adderley Cannonballsomething Else/rvg$11.992-10 Days
72434954472CAP6/6/2000  ADDERLEY CANNONBALLTHEM DIRTY BLUES$11.992-10 Days