Item# 09878712452
Released: 6/1/2018
Category: Rock & Pop
Media: Compact Discs
Record Label: SUBPOP (SUB)
Price: $13.99   (2 in stock)
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How does he do it? How the hell does he keep pulling this off? Every time you think Josh Tillman is about to drop the ball, he makes the exact right move. The very things that shouldnt quite work, that would backfire in lesser hands, are precisely the things that work about Father John Misty his clever, careful balance of sincerity, performativity, acerbic remove; his savvy approach to media; his ability to direct and/or willfully implode his own narrative. These qualities have made his turn as FJM feel unstoppable thus far. And with his new album, Gods Favorite Customer, he not only has built on what came before, but also inverted it. Hes done it again, crafted the exact right album at the exact right juncture. But it cant be reduced to just Tillmans next astute move in a series of them. Gods Favorite Customer is miles away from the Father John Misty character we first met, the version who appeared unstoppable. Thanks to the religious signifiers or the self-creation of it all, Father John Misty once seemed inhuman, steeped in mythology even when so shrewdly depicting mortal defects. This time, Gods Favorite Customer portrays a man whos very fallible and has found himself at a crossroads because of it. And thats resulted in what immediately sounds like a crucial installment in FJMs quickly growing catalog, an album that functions as a logical conclusion to where hes been and, perhaps, his way of opening up a completely new chapter.


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