Item# 09362491323
Released: 5/19/2017
Category: Rock & Pop
Media: Compact Discs
Record Label: WARNER BROS (WBR)
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Hold onto your tattoos, Linkin Park fans: The L.A.-based metal-rap genre-benders have followed up arguably their heaviest album 2014's 'The Hunting Party' with something so different than that it may give listeners whiplash.On the band's seventh studio album, the 10-song 'One More Light,' one of America's biggest alternative rock bands has turned unapologetically and positively pop.Is that a guttural howl we hear from Linkin Park fans? Well, here's the thing: They're so good that they've created a very good, up-to-the-minute pop album. It might not be what you expect, but does that make it wrong?An airy 'Nobody Can Save Me' resembles something from Owl City. 'Good Goodbye,' featuring Pusha T and Stormzy, is reminiscent of 'NSync's 'Bye Bye Bye,' and 'Sharp Edges' wouldn't sound out of place on a Shawn Mendes album.The title of the first single, 'Heavy,' featuring Kiiara, might give fans of 'Hybrid Theory' hope. But instead of pneumatic drumming and dark shards of screamed vocals, it's not hard at all it's like listening to The Chainsmokers.Linkin Park did warn us that this might be possible. The band's 2002 release 'Reanimation' drifted into electronic sounds and 2012's 'Living Things' had pop-friendly sensibilities.


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Item# Label Media Released Artist Title Price Availability
09362493759WBR6/17/2014  LINKIN PARKHUNTING PARTY$16.991-2 Days
09362493571WBR10/21/2014  LINKIN PARKHUNTING PARTY - VINYL$29.991-2 Days
09362477552WBR10/24/2000  Linkin ParkHybrid Theory$13.991-2 Days
09362494142WBR11/5/2013  LINKIN PARKHYBRID THEORY - VINYL$20.991-2 Days
09362495048WBR6/26/2012  LINKIN PARKLIVING THINGS$16.991-2 Days
11104794075USED4/22/2018  LINKIN PARKLIVING THINGS$6.951-2 Days
09362492112WBR6/3/2016  LINKIN PARKLIVING THINGS - VINYL$18.991-2 Days
09362481862WBR3/25/2003  Linkin ParkMeteora$13.991-2 Days
09362444772WBR5/15/2007  Linkin ParkMinutes to Midnight$13.992-10 Days
09362491211WBR10/20/2017  LINKIN PARKMINUTES TO MIDNIGHT (PICT) - VINYL$24.991-2 Days
09362499963OOP10/19/2010  Linkin ParkMinutes To Midnight - Box set$26.991-2 Days
09362491324WBR6/2/2017  LINKIN PARKONE MORE LIGHT - VINYL$20.992-10 Days
09362483262WBR7/30/2002  Linkin ParkReanimation$12.991-2 Days
09362492083WBR6/3/2016  LINKIN PARKREANIMATION - VINYL$21.992-10 Days
09362494160WBR10/29/2013  LINKIN PARKRECHARGED$16.991-2 Days
09362498095WBR11/25/2008  Linkin ParkRoad to Revolution Live At Milton Keynes (W/DVD)$19.992-10 Days
09362496333WBR9/14/2010  LINKIN PARKTHOUSAND SUNS$13.991-2 Days