Item# 09362490482
Released: 10/19/2018
Category: Rock & Pop
Media: Compact Discs
Record Label: WARNER BROS (WBR)
Price: $20.99   (1 in stock)
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Disturbed is one of those rare bands that can deliver brutally heavy, fist-pumping hard rock, but also shine on the most sensitive of ballads. The Chicago bands new album, Evolution, out Friday (Oct. 19), is a perfect snapshot of that Disturbed dynamic, as it jumps from chugging, riff-fueled tracks to beautiful, bare-bones numbers.Evolution kicks off with the albums fiery first single, Are You Ready, which actually marks the bands 12th No. 1 rock single. Lead vocalist David Draiman powerfully sings the commanding lyrics, Well, are you ready now? / For the revolution / For too long your power / Has been taken away / Its been taken away, and guitarist Dan Donegan, bass player John Moyer and drummer Mike Wengren carry the song with a cohesive musical attack. Its a rhythmic hard rock song that definitely appeals to fans of Disturbeds crunchy, heavy hits, such as Down with the Sickness and Stupify. No More, the following track, has an irresistibly bouncy, catchy beat that makes it almost a dance-rock track. A Reason to Fight comes next, and here, Disturbed delivers a touching, sensitive acoustic ballad about watching a loved one suffer with addiction.


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Item# Label Media Released Artist Title Price Availability
05439194911OOP8/23/2018  DisturbedAre You Ready - 7' vinyl$2.001-2 Days
09362496648WBR8/31/2010  DISTURBEDASYLUM$12.992-10 Days
09362483202WBR9/17/2002  DisturbedBelieve$12.992-10 Days
09362490506WBR10/19/2018  DISTURBEDEVOLUTION$16.992-10 Days
09362490483WBR10/19/2018  DISTURBEDEVOLUTION (DELUXE VINYL)$33.992-10 Days
09362490507WBR10/19/2018  DISTURBEDEVOLUTION - VINYL$19.991-2 Days
09362492632WBR8/21/2015  DISTURBEDIMMORTALIZED$16.992-10 Days
09362492633WBR8/21/2015  DISTURBEDIMMORTALIZED - VINYL$24.991-2 Days
09362492829WBR5/19/2015  DISTURBEDINDESTRUCTABLE - VINYL$18.991-2 Days
09362498879WBR6/3/2008  DisturbedIndestructible$13.991-2 Days
09362491551WBR11/18/2016  DISTURBEDLIVE AT RED ROCKS$16.992-10 Days
09362495489WBR11/8/2011  DISTURBEDLOST CHILDREN$12.992-10 Days
09362490803WBR4/21/2018  DISTURBEDLOST CHILDREN - 2 Lp set - RSD-2018$21.991-2 Days
09362486202WOW2/24/2004  DisturbedMusic As a Weapon II$16.991-2 Days
07599247382WBR3/7/2000  DisturbedSickness$13.992-10 Days
09362492828WBR5/19/2015  DISTURBEDSICKNESS - VINYL$18.991-2 Days
09362494332WBR9/20/2005  DisturbedTen Thousand Fists$12.991-2 Days
09362492534WBR11/6/2015  DISTURBEDTEN THOUSAND FISTS - VINYL$22.991-2 Days