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Released: 3/17/2017
Category: Rock & Pop
Media: Compact Discs
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Last years Ruminations was like no Conor Oberst album before it, and hopefully, none to come. Performed entirely solo, released with little fanfare and bearing a distressing, cabin-fever ambience, it offered the first and final word on a once-unspeakably rough time in his life. Ruminations was Obersts strongest record in years, but no one would want him to make it a second time. Less than six months later, Salutations is an even more curious move. Oberst re-recorded all 10 songs with a full band and a host of guests, added seven new ones and hit shufflea decision that drags Salutations down and bring its predecessor along with it. After a series of lesser-loved guisesinscrutable mystic, folk-rock yeomanOberst has found a more interesting and sustainable point of view. A kind way of putting it would be world-weary raconteur. Perhaps a more accurate way would be kind of an asshole. The prospect of hearing another dude do this for about 70 minutes is a hard sell at a time when Father John Misty, Drake, Mark Kozelek, and Future have released approximately 9 hours of music in the past year that wearily postulates from a position of privilege on their dissatisfaction with sex, drugs, and everyone outside of their immediate circle.


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Item# Label Media Released Artist Title Price Availability
67385503402MRG8/5/2008  Oberst ConorConor Oberst$15.992-10 Days
07559794471EAA10/14/2016  OBERST CONORRUMINATIONS$16.991-2 Days
07559794473EAA10/14/2016  OBERST CONORRUMINATIONS - VINYL$22.991-2 Days
07559794018ATL3/17/2017  OBERST CONORSALUTATIONS - VINYL$26.991-2 Days