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Released: 2/15/2019
Category: Punk / Hardcore
Media: Compact Discs
Record Label: EPITAPH (EPI)
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Millencolins new release SOS comes four years after 2015s True Brew, an album that was heralded by many fans as a return to form after the more eclectic, slower paced Machine 15. SOS picks up where True Brew finished, with the high intensity that many long term Millencolin fans associate with the Swedish punk rock kings.The title track and first single SOS opens with a rolling drum beat and a young choir singing, before seguing into the up-tempo guitar riff. The song, a plea to humanity about the state of the world, is a catchy and rollicking start to Millencolins ninth album. For Yesterday maintains the tempo, with Fredrik Larzons insistent drums underpinning frontman Nikola Sarcevics trademark vocals. The bridge makes for a pleasing singalong section during live shows for the audience. Its a winning complement to the first song, which continues with second single Nothing, another high intensity, classic Millencolin song, that changes key during the final verse.



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