Item# 04577876312
Released: 8/31/2018
Category: Punk / Hardcore
Media: Compact Discs
Record Label: EPITAPH (EPI)
Price: $12.99   (3 in stock)
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Alkaline Trio guitarist Matt Skibas inclusion in to the trio since Tom DeLonge took alien hunting to seriously unprecedented (and award winning) levels will doubtlessly work wonders toward bolstering the historically underrated bands latest album to previously unattainable album sales and streams. Which is great for these hard working, dynamic, career-rockstar-workhorse dudes and their tireless efforts to bring melancholic, bleak, darkly comic, but ultimately blistering and catchy pop-punk tunes to a wider audience. The assurance of increased popularity due to Skibas extra-curricular activities aside, does the Trios 9th studio album more than deliver to fans of old and potential legions of new with grim, rollicking bursts of misery, redemption, pain, and the potential to have a big fun mosh all at once? YES, it does. Anyway, fans of old will sink their teeth right into Is This Thing Cursed? While new listeners wandering in from Blink 182s recent radio domination will certainly find plenty to unpack in Matt, Dan, and Dereks contrastingly dark, grungier, wonderfully bleak latest effort.



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