Item# 04577874652
Released: 6/9/2017
Category: Punk / Hardcore
Media: Compact Discs
Record Label: EPITAPH (EPI)
Price: $13.99   (5 in stock)
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The simple clip finds the Berkeley punk stalwarts playing the rockabilly-tinged ripper. Singer/guitarist Tim Armstrong growls a message of fierce positivity and perseverance. After a blistering guitar solo from Lars Frederiksen, Armstrong bellows, 'When the odds are small/ Don't let 'em stop ya/ Cause we only got a Ghost of a chance, my brother/ We only got a ghost of a chance.'Troublemaker marks Rancid's ninth studio album and follows their 2014 LP,Honor Is All We Know. The record is available to pre-order digitally and on CD and vinyl. The band is also selling a variety of bundles, which include LPs pressed on colored vinyl and seven-inch singles featuring bonus cuts 'We Arrived Right On Time' b/w 'Go On Rise Up.'



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Item# Label Media Released Artist Title Price Availability
04577864442EPI8/22/1995  RANCIDAND OUT COME THE WOLVES$12.992-10 Days
04577872711EPI10/28/2014  RANCIDHONOR IS ALL WE KNOW (BONUS CD) - VINYL$19.991-2 Days
04577872712EPI10/28/2014  RANCIDHONOR IS ALL WE KNOW (DIG)$15.991-2 Days
04577868431EPI6/2/2009  RancidLet the Dominoes Fall$19.992-10 Days
04577868432EPI6/2/2009  RancidLet the Dominoes Fall$16.992-10 Days
04577864341EPI6/14/1994  RANCIDLET'S GO$19.992-10 Days
04577864342EPI9/22/1995  RancidLets Go$12.992-10 Days
04577864973EPI5/19/2014  RANCIDLIFE WON'T WAIT - Ldt Edt Orange VINYL - INDIE ONL$19.992-10 Days
04577864972EPI6/30/1998  RancidLife Wont Wait$12.992-10 Days
04577804272EPI8/1/2000  RancidRancid$12.991-2 Days
04577864281EPI5/10/1993  RANCIDRANCID$19.992-10 Days
04577864282EPI1/1/1980  RancidRancid$12.992-10 Days
04577804273EPI3/25/2014  RANCIDRANCID - INDIE ONLY RED VINYL$19.992-10 Days
04577874651EPI6/9/2017  RANCIDTROUBLE MAKER$19.991-2 Days
04577874659EPI6/9/2017  RANCIDTROUBLE MAKER (Indie only Opaque Violet Vinyl)$22.992-10 Days