Item# 03984251136
Released: 3/22/2019
Category: Metal / Goth
Media: Vinyl LP's
Record Label: METAL BLADE (MET)
Price: $26.99   (1 in stock)
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Item# Label Media Released Artist Title Price Availability
03984140371MET3/25/2016  CANNIBAL CORPSEBLEEDING - VINYL$24.992-10 Days
03984142772MET10/19/1999  Cannibal CorpseBloodthirst$12.992-10 Days
03984144262MET10/22/2002  Cannibal CorpseButchered At Birth (Bonus)$12.992-10 Days
03984140721MET3/25/2016  CANNIBAL CORPSEBUTCHERED AT BIRTH - VINYL$24.992-10 Days
03984340549MET7/8/2008  Cannibal CorpseCenturies of Torment$26.992-10 Days
03984144252MET10/22/2002  Cannibal CorpseEaten Back To Life (Bonus)$12.992-10 Days
03984140241MET3/25/2016  CANNIBAL CORPSEEATEN BACK TO LIFE - VINYL$24.992-10 Days
03984147182MET2/3/2009  Cannibal CorpseEviseration Plague$15.992-10 Days
03984152141MET6/11/2013  CANNIBAL CORPSEGALLERY OF SUICIDE (25TH ANNIV) - VINYL Pic Disc$19.992-10 Days
03984143902MET2/26/2002  Cannibal CorpseGore Obsessed$12.992-10 Days
80334130112MET9/28/2010  CANNIBAL CORPSEGORE OBSESSED (LTD) (OGV)$21.992-10 Days
03984152161MET8/6/2013  CANNIBAL CORPSEGORE OBSESSED (PICT) - VINYL$21.992-10 Days
03984156421MET3/15/2019  CANNIBAL CORPSEHAMMER SMASHED FACE - VINYL$26.991-2 Days
03984145602MET3/21/2006  Cannibal CorpseKill$12.991-2 Days
03984152181MET10/1/2013  CANNIBAL CORPSEKILL (ANIV) (PICT) - VINYL$20.992-10 Days
03984340219MET6/14/2001  Cannibal CorpseLive Cannibalism$14.992-10 Days
03984251146MET3/22/2019  CANNIBAL CORPSELIVE CANNIBALISM - VINYL$36.991-2 Days
03984340129MET10/22/2002  Cannibal CorpseMonolith of Death$14.992-10 Days
03984155302MET11/3/2017  CANNIBAL CORPSERED BEFORE BLACK$13.991-2 Days
03984250401MET11/3/2017  CANNIBAL CORPSERED BEFORE BLACK (COLV) (RED) - VINYL$26.991-2 Days
03984250911MET1/4/2019  CANNIBAL CORPSERED BEFORE BLACK - VINYL$27.991-2 Days
03984153472MET9/16/2014  CANNIBAL CORPSESKELETAL DOMAIN$13.992-10 Days
03984153471MET9/16/2014  CANNIBAL CORPSESKELETAL DOMAIN - VINYL$23.992-10 Days
03984140032MET9/22/1992  CANNIBAL CORPSETOMB OF THE MUTILATED$12.992-10 Days
03984144272MET10/22/2002  Cannibal CorpseTomb Of The Mutilated$12.992-10 Days
03984152201MET11/26/2013  CANNIBAL CORPSETORTURE (ANIV) (PICT) VINYL$20.991-2 Days
03984150802MET3/13/2012  CANNIBAL CORPSETORTURE (DIG)$13.992-10 Days
03984146052MET3/6/2007  Cannibal CorpseVile$15.992-10 Days
03984142041MET3/25/2016  CANNIBAL CORPSEVILE - VINYL$24.992-10 Days
03984144322MET7/1/2003  Cannibal CorpseWorm Infested$9.992-10 Days
03984144692MET2/24/2004  Cannibal CorpseWretched Spawn$12.992-10 Days
80334132340PHD3/22/2011  CANNIBAL CORPSEWRETCHED SPAWN$22.992-10 Days