Item# 01686174462
Released: 10/20/2017
Category: Metal / Goth
Media: Compact Discs
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Having the first track on the album as the title track is quite bold to be honest. Most bands tend to have it a few tracks in at least or have it as the last track. Trivium, however, felt no need to do that and I think their boldness has paid off. From the opening snare hits courtesy of new skinsmasher, Alex Bent, to the last bridge featuring a return of harsh vocals, this track has got near enough everything that Trivium has experimented with over the past few years. Beyond Oblivion follows suit and adopts a kind of In Waves style mixed with some of the more melodic parts of the past album. Whilst this might be all well and good, its just a tad too long for my liking. Whether thats because there is so much repetition in the track or simply because its just too long is not for me to say. Other Worlds however is a different kettle of fish. Having a much more modern metal sound than the previous track, the track showcases Heafys much improved clean vocals. Hes hitting much higher notes than he did before which raises the issues that if they perform this live, can he hit them? That remains to be seen



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